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For over four decades, students have spent time riding and caring for our horses, learning important character traits such as responsibility, hard work, and kindness.   But thanks to gracious gifts from many caring people, our Amon G. Carter Equestrian Center has moved our program to a whole new level!

The Equestrian Center features a covered riding arena, classrooms, tack room, and 12 stables.  This facility gives us the opportunity to include many more students, like Molly, in the program.

Molly is one of our scholarship students, meaning that she can be here, learning and growing every day, because of generous donors.

She plans to become a veterinarian, and the Happy Hill Farm Equestrian Center allows her to interact with the horses and staff every day.  She also cares for livestock such as calves, goats, and sheep, teaching younger students how to properly handle the animals.

Molly always volunteers to take care of even the most menial tasks in the center, from mucking out stalls to sweeping out the barn.  Talk about commitment!  And probably more than anything else, Molly loves to ride.

North Central Texas Academy at Happy Hill Farm is the perfect place for Molly to learn and grow in preparation for her future.  Just think of how the work ethic and responsibility she is learning will serve her for years to come!  She wants to extend her thanks to donors for supporting her and the new Equestrian Center, declaring that she “loves it here!”

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