Nash came to Happy Hill Farm from a tiny, poverty-stricken village in Zimbabwe. When he first arrived, Nash barely spoke. He was afraid and felt very alone … but he quickly found a real family here. He says, “The thing I do love most is my family here—the teachers, house parents, and just all of the other kids. I’ve grown up with them, and there’s just a really close bond that forms over time.”

Now in 10th grade, Nash is one of the most outspoken, delightful kids you’ll ever meet! He takes on lead roles in our theater program, sings in choir, plays football, runs for our championship track team, and mentors younger kids through the spiritual development program.

Nash is also very passionate about his faith. He shares, “When I was young, before I came here, I didn’t know God, and I didn’t think I could, because I couldn’t see Him. But Mr. Lucas [Shipman, the campus pastor] showed me what faith is—that when you look for God, He will reveal Himself to you and you can know Him. Plus, I think it’s really important to tell other people about God too.”

As he moves toward graduation, Nash is planning to use his gifts in the areas of fashion design and marketing. He can’t wait to pursue a college degree in business, and he eventually wants to start his own clothing line. Ultimately, Nash wants to make a positive impact for Christ in the marketplace. He declares, “I want to make everyone who has worked hard to help with my education, proud of me!”