Looking at Alexa’s infectious smile, you would never know that she came from an incredibly difficult background. In fact, she moved to NCTA after being severely bullied in a public school.

Happy Hill Farm and NCTA provide a safe, secure place where Alexa can let all of her worries go and just enjoy being a kid. She says, “When I first came here, I was scared. I didn’t have any friends. But now I have my teachers, my friends, my coaches, my youth ministers, my resident parents … and I learned that God loves me. It’s made me more joyful!”

As a seventh grader, Alexa has found her niche in theater, acting the lead role in the school play. Her fear is gone! She loves to perform; in fact, she plans to become a drama teacher someday.

Alexa shares, “Happy Hill Farm gives us self-confidence; it gives us hope. It helped me put myself back together.”