Morse The Horse Gets his Chance




Todd Shipman’s first book, “Morse the Horse Gets His Chance” was picked up by a national book publisher. It has been updated with wonderful new colors, although the story remains exactly the same. It is available as a hardback or softcover directly from Happy Hill Farm for $10 for the softcover (includes postage and handling) and $15 for the hardcover (includes postage and handling). Todd Shipman’s other two books from the first printings — “Common Things are Common and Rare Things are Rare” and “Happy to be Me” — will still be available in hardcover, while supplies last, for $15 each.

Kind-of-Rhymes Books – by Todd Shipman


“As a Daddy and a Granddaddy, and one who has spent many happy hours reading good stories (hopefully, with wonderful pictures) to my whole brood, I applaud and appreciate Todd Shipman’s Morse the Horse Gets His Chance. I think I’ll enjoy it – and will continue to – as much as my grandkids! I’ve written and recorded on tape two or three books for kids, as has my daughter, Debby, and I think I recognize quality and substance when I see it. The illustrations and the whole format are just as good in their way as the story, and I look forward to the next ones.”

— Pat Boone – Burbank, CA


“You’ll like Morse the Horse Gets His Chance. Each of us has had a Morse in our life. I loved the skillful weaving of rhymes and charming drawings. Hooray for Morse the Horse!”

— Mr. Peppermint – Peppermint Place – WFAA-TV, Dallas, TX


“The really important lessons of life are learned early. Morse the Horse Gets His Chance is a marvelously entertaining teaching tool which is understandable and interesting for the small child. It fills a real need in our society.”

— Zig Ziglar – Carrollton, TX