Enemies of the Teenage Soul Devotional (Pre-Order)




What’s Inside

The greatest enemy to your teenager’s soul is not simply outside them but inside them. Sinful desires and idolatry give birth to death.

Christian parents, grandparents, Sunday school teachers, and student pastors often share a common goal. They want the children under their care to go out into the world with a “Christian worldview”. What is this worldview?

Worldview training is often centered around apologetics, the defense of the Christian faith. But apologetics training is not enough for teenagers.

Your kids are not being “argued” out of the church by anti-christian philosophers. Their hearts and desires are being captured by other stories. Simply put, they are being shaped and formed to worship idols instead of Jesus. That is why we are seeing youth leave the church in record numbers.

This devotional has been written to help you as parents and grandparents to teach your children and grandchildren how to deal with the many sinful desires they will face in today’s world.

You and I both know children today are being influenced by a world gone awry. Our prayer is this devotional will be a resource to you and your family.

This is  pre-order for a printed copy of the devotional, expected to be completed and delivered in January, 2022.