Summer 2021

Inside this special newsletter, you will read four stories written by Happy Hill Farm alumni. Each of these alumni are thankful for the opportunities given them at Happy Hill Farm. And they all seek to pay it forward by being strong servant leaders within their families, workplaces, and communities.

Spring 2021

”The ability to be able to paint a picture — a vision of the future for me — and to know that I can achieve this because someone gave me an opportunity is priceless." - Captain Heather R. Shepard

Winter 2021

Things are slowly returning to “normal” though education remains modified. Many of the international students who were unable to return last year have now returned to campus. I am so thankful for all the new faces we are welcoming in 2021.

Winter 2020

Cedric came to Happy Hill Farm with nothing but the clothes on his back and hope for a chance at a better life.  The Farm campus was very different from the rampant poverty of Cameroon. He didn’t speak English. He was out of options. It seemed like everything was stacked against him. Then, he met a man who told him about Happy Hill Farm. It wasn’t going to be easy, but if he could just get his visa approved and get to the U.S., he might have a chance.

Summer 2018

After Bob and Carol Cook’s granddaughter passed away in a tragic car accident, they created Sara’s Scholarship. See how it continues to provide kids with a chance to achieve their dreams.

Spring 2018

One of our 10-year-old students, Noku, says, “North Central Texas Academy is the best school for your children.” Hear more in her persuasive essay.

Summer 2017

There’s never a dull moment at Happy Hill Farm! Summers here are full of exciting activities … and the opportunity to change lives.

Spring 2017

NCTA Pioneers Win 2017 Basketball Championship. “Our theme for our team is ‘brothers.’ That means when someone falls, another brother is there to pick him ...

Winter 2017

Dear Friend, This new year promises to be the best one yet! Students are already roaming the halls … in full swing of basketball season ...

Summer 2016

Summertime here at Happy Hill Farm is a wonderful reminder that the children and youth we care for are just that—children. Here in this safe, family environment, they are free to laugh, run, and play ... truly experiencing the life God intended ... thanks to you.