Summer 2018

After Bob and Carol Cook’s granddaughter passed away in a tragic car accident, they created Sara’s Scholarship. See how it continues to provide kids with a chance to achieve their dreams.

Spring 2018 has a whole new look! See what’s new and stay up-to-date on events.

Summer 2017

There’s never a dull moment at Happy Hill Farm! Summers here are full of exciting activities … and the opportunity to change lives.

Spring 2017

What will your legacy be? Have you considered planned giving? Planned giving is a method of supporting nonprofits and charities that enables donors to make ...

Winter 2017

For Melissa, home is Happy Hill Farm. She came to Happy Hill Farm from a very unstable home life. Melissa’s parents abandoned her to the care of relatives, where she experienced all kinds of heartbreaking abuse.

Summer 2016

From digging into literary classics to fishing, the kids at Happy Hill Farm work hard and play harder all summer long! Check out some of their favorite pastimes.

Fall 2016

Every student at Happy Hill Farm has a story, and the next chapter is opening right now. Little Jason is thriving in his new environment, and Strahinj is preparing for college and a bright future. It’s exciting to see!