Exchanging Cultures

North Central Texas Academy at Happy Hill Farm is formed from a combination of students from underprivileged homes—who are committed to changing the course of their lives—intermingled with students from Christian families that desire a more classical, private Christian education for their children.

Add in international students from different countries who bring a wide breadth of cultures and strengthen the academic programs … and Happy Hill Farm literally has the potential to change the world!

This unique blend of students creates a dynamic learning environment to prepare students for success, as they move on to higher education and careers. Most important, they leave here ready to be outstanding citizens of the world with a Christian worldview.

“You help us understand each other, to love each other, to love God … and to have a chance for a great life.” —Bojana, student at NCTA

Reflecting on her time here, Bojana shares that “because I live with seven other girls—all from different countries—I have learned all about other cultures and how to get along, no matter what. I think that will help me in the future. … I actually like to work with people so much I want to work in human resources with an international company someday.”