Happy Hill Farm 2022 Virtual Telethon

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Full Broadcast

We’re all where we are today because someone, somewhere, reached out with a helping hand.

That’s exactly what supporters of Happy Hill Farm like you do for low opportunity children—provide the nurturing that kids need to reach their God-given potential and flourish. We realize with your prayers and support, together we become an unstoppable force in the lives of thousands of children, teens and young adults.

You may not know that more than 90% of our operating budget to serve the students at Happy Hill Farm is provided by the financial support we receive from donors like you.

Please consider making a donation to help us change the lives of boys and girls who come to us  from low-opportunity situations.

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Champion for Children Awards

About the Champion for Children Award
Thank you to Val Bashour
Thank you to Gary Martin
Thank you to Dwan Diaz
Thank you to Dr. Z Helmer
Thank you from the kids at Happy Hill Farm

Special Recognition

Recognition of Mr. Wilcox & Scholarship Announcement
Recognition of Rebecca Evans
Interview with the Blaylocks on Estate Planning

Student Segments

A Day in the Life of a Student
Residence tour with Lindsey
Chapel tour with Calvin
Equestrian Center tour with Benedicte
Tour of the Academy with Liuda
Bella talks about leading Worship in Chapel
Student interview with Lindsey (Senior)
Students vs Resident Parents Basketball (Live)
Choir Concert (Live)
Jordyn makes Lemon Cookies
Katie makes a Birthday Cake

Special Segments

A Tribute to Founder, Ed Shipman
Easter Message from Lucas
Gift Opportunity — Happy Hill Farm Fire Truck
Gift Opportunity — Developing Show Animals
Greenhouse project with Mr. and Mrs. King
Interview with Soccer Coach Carpenter (Live)
Happy Hill Farm Myths

Alumni Interviews

Alumni interview with Kevin
Alumni interview with Panashe
Alumni interview with Chris
Alumni interview with Anteneh
Alumni update from Korede